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Due to the expiration of Prof. Mikhail Eskindarov’s rectorship term, Alexander Linnikov’s tenure as Vice-Rector of the Financial University for International Cooperation has also come to a conclusion.
The founder of Linnikov & Partners has addressed his friends and colleagues with the following words of gratitude: “From the bottom of my heart I thank Professor Eskindarov for his trust and the unique opportunity to devote several years to a challenging Cause that is, both, thrillingly exciting and highly important for our county. I also would like to thank the fantastic FinU International Team, all faculty and staff members and students, our foreign colleagues and partners, all the friends with whom we worked together to build the university’s strong International office and develop a vast network of academic contacts throughout the world. Working with you was a great honor and privilege! Together we done a tremendous job that we can be rightfully proud of and today, as I open a new page in my life, I’m not bidding a farewell, but merely saying goodbye, as I am confident that our greatest successes and achievements lay ahead! Thank you and see you soon!”

Please, follow the link to view Alexander Linnikov’s interview:

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