Linnikov & Partners provides legal support to a significant new development project

The law firm of Linnikov & Partners has provided legal support to the conclusion of the agreement between the National Association of the Rental Housing Market Operators and the National Research University (MPEI) for the project of re-construction of the existing buildings and construction of new residential buildings for the purpose of renting them out to the students and faculty of the Institute. The agreement was signed in Moscow on June 23, 2016.
It is planned to create 250 000 square meters of rental housing spaces. The construction phase of the project will be initiated within 2019. The project will be carried out on the grounds of a concession contract. At the initial, pre-planning, phase of the project in 2016 it is planned to carry out the technical assessment of the current state of the existing buildings and develop all the technical documentation required for the re-construction and new construction.
L&P has been selected as a legal advisor of the project.
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