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The beginning of October of 2018 is marked by a new substantial achievement of the Linnikov & Partners labor law practice group. As the result of 3 month of intense negotiations with the employer Madina Ruzmetova and Anton Minakov under the guidance of Alexander Linnikov have achieved for a top-manager of one of major European banks the dissolution of a labor contract on terms, providing the best possible protection of rights and lawful interests of the L&P client in a rather difficult situation. While working on the case, the attorneys have consistently and professionally resolved a series of labor, tax, family, and migration law matters, as well as handled issues of forced execution of judicial acts and liquidation of legal entities. Success of the Linnikov & Partners attorneys vividly confirms that the policy of the leaders of the firm aimed at encouragement of team work and discovery of talents and professional potential of all L&P team members in different practice areas is right to the very core.
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