Selected publications

"Handbook of entrepreneur" by Alexander Linnikov and Alexander Salmov
The joint publication by Alexander Linnikov and Alexander Salmov issued under the auspices of the Ministry of trade and enterprise and the Enterpreneurship support center of the Republic of Mordovia - a comprehensive manual for the entrepreneur on critical legal issues.
The eighth edition of  the annual Сorporate Governance 2015 guide.
New article of  Alexander Linnikov and Sergei Sadovoy covers the recent legislative novellas and practical issues of corporate governance  in  Russia.
The second edition of the international legal guide Global Legal Insights – Banking Regulation 2015
The  joint  publication  by Alexander Linnikov, Sergei Sadovoy and Leonid Karpov covers the current major trends and tendencies in the legal discipline of  the banking business in Russia.
International Standards of Legal Discipline of the Business of Credit Institutions  by Alexander Linnikov and Leonid Karpov
At the present time this publications is the most up-to-date in-depth study of the theory and practice of international legal regulation of the banking activity in the Russian language.  
Leonid Karpov Legal Discipline of the Business of Credit Institutions in the European Union
New book by the LEAD Consulting attorney Leonid Karpov, Ph.D. represents an in-depth study of the most important aspects of legal discipline of the banking business in the European Union and international standards of regulation of the activity of credit institutions.
Law of the European Union
LEAD Consulting partner Alexander Linnikov and senior associate Leonid Karpov contributed several chapters to the new edition of fundamental textbook «Law of the European Union» created by the team of the EU Law Department of the Moscow State Law Academy and edited by the Department Chairman Professor Sergey Kashkin, Ph.D.
Russian commercial and tax law - Milan, 2011
This unique publication was created to familiarize the Italian audience with the most significant aspects of the Russian commercial and tax law that are crucially important to the success of Italian business in Russia.
OUR museum – 50th anniversary
This anniversary edition celebrates the 50 years of the Mordovian Republican Fine Arts Museum of S.D. Erzia. Besides a fascinating collection of sculptures of the great Stepan Erzia, the museum features an outstanding collection of paintings of one of the most remarkable Russian artists of the 20th century – the Sun Artist Fedot Sychkov.
Legal Discipline of Banking Business and Banking Supervision in the European Union
This book is the first and only comprehensive study of the legal discipline of banking business and banking supervision practice in the EU published in the Russian language.
Law of he European Union.  Documents and commentary.
This 1999 edition contains the selected core sources of the law of the European Union with respective commentary by the faculty of the EU law department of the Moscow State Law Academy.