Tatiana Tsepkina commented on the matter of authors’ rights for Emergency Event on NTV

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The NTV reporters requested from the L&P attorney Tatiana Tsepkina on the curious case of an art scholar from St. Petersburg that claims the authorship of screenplays and characters of several Hollywood films and challenges the rights of such famous authors as Joan Rowling, James Cameron and George Lucas.
Tatiana informed the TV viewers that the problem of theft of ideas is, of course, very important for business and science, as well as in the world of literature and cinema. The law firm of Alexander Linnikov has first-hand knowledge of this problem and successfully practices in the field of protection of authors’ rights and IP litigation for many years. However, unless an original idea, method or concept is properly documented, any claim of authorship thereof is superfluous and premature.
You may view Tatiana Tsepkina’s comment for Emergency Event on NTV by following the link:
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