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Commitment, consistency and integrity of the company`s partners and their associates have allowed Linnikov and Partners to become one of the leaders of Russian law. Today young and ambitious team of Linnikov and Partners is rightfully proud of the articipation in major projects that define the face of modern Russia. We especially value the high evaluation of our work from our customers. Lawyers of our Firm have earned their trust by many years of hard work and consistency in defending their rights and interests.

Commitment, consistency and integrity of the partners and their associates made Linnikov & Partners one of the leaders of Russian legal community. Today the young and ambitious L&P team is rightfully proud to be a part of major projects that define the face of modern Russia. We highly value the appreciation of our clients. Our lawyers have earned their trust by many years of hard work and fierce fighting for their rights and interests.
Practice of the firm is concentrated mainly in the sphere of business, corporate, finance and banking law. While working with companies, we also dedicate a great deal of time and attention to the private affairs of our individual clients. Professionals of Linnikov & Partners are their reliable advisers and representatives in Russia and abroad.
The law frim, originally called LEAD Consulting, was founded in 2000 by a group of young and ambitious people determined to build an independent law practice after having worked as in-house counsel for large corporations and banks. The founders of LEAD Consulting had consciously chose to pursue an autonomous private practice an opposed to joining big law firms as average associates and took charge and assumed full responsibility for their own professional future and the future of their own team of associates.
The firm has rapidly evolved into a prominent professional association with strong traditions and an impressive history of achievements. LEAD Consulting grew became known in the Moscow business community as a compact but highly efficient and well-reputed team of professionals successfully advising major M&A transactions in different industries. Initially the firm specialized in administrative cases and corporate matters with a strong emphasis on banking and finance.
Over several years of successful business, the team of the firm has grown substantially and its practice has become truly universal. In 2015, by unanimous vote of the personnel, the firm was named after its founder and unchanging leader Alexander Linnikov.
The core entity of the firm is the Moscow Regional Bar Association Linnikov and Partners — a professional association constituted under and governed by the Federal Law «On Attorney’s Activities and Attorneys in the Russian Federation» and the Federal Law «On non-profit organizations». Members of the association are qualified as attorneys under Russian law and registered in the Registrar of Attorneys of the Moscow Region. All other L&P lawyers and members of the staff that do not have attorney status are equally bound by the Attorney’s Professional Code of Ethics and the the principles of confidentiality and client privilege as the attorneys.

In 2006 Yuriy Timokhov (1961-2011) — an outstanding trial lawyer and expert in international commercial arbitration — joined Linnikov & Partners. Yuriy greatly contributed to the development of the firm’s practice, worked on the extension of its international presence and, most importantly, invested significant time and effort into the training of the younger generation of attorneys. Yuriy Timokhov’s life tragically ended in 2011. He will always be remembered as a good friend, reliable comrade, one of the greatest legal minds of his time, a wise and patient Teacher.

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