• Corporate & Commercial Law
    The corporate and commercial practice embraces the structuring and legal support of all kinds of civil and commercial transactions, contract work, analysis of effectiveness and compliance of business models to the objectives of companies, review of effectiveness and transparency of corporate governance, optimizing and development of most stable and productive management structures, and many other complicated and challenging business-related matters.
  • Criminal Law
    Criminal law traditionally is one of the most important practice areas for Russian attorneys because of the unique status as defense counsel. Advice and expert defense on all stages of proceedings, primarily of individuals charged with economic and tax crimes, abuse of powers or crimes against the due course of government, are the core elements of our criminal law practice.
  • Bankruptcy
    The L&P team possesses invaluable experience of representation of creditors and debtors in insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings, including proceedings on bankruptcy and subsequent liquidation of credit institutions in commercial courts of many different regions of Russia.
  • Litigation & Commercial Arbitration
    The lawyers of Linnikov & Partners represent clients in civil, administrative, and commercial proceedings, as well as in international and Russian arbitrages in all categories of cases. We possess vast successful experience of representation of clients in foreign courts (with the assistance of foreign experts and partner-firms) on all stages up to the stage of execution of judgements in foreign jurisdictions. Some of our attorneys are certified mediators and arbitrators.
  • M&A
    The Linnikov & Partners team has successfully planned, prepared, and implemented many multi-million M&A transactions involving some of the largest Russian and international companies in IT, banking, transport infrastructure and other industries.
  • Private consulting
    L&P professionals efficiently manage diverse and complicated private affairs of individual clients in Russia and other jurisdictions. We advise private clients on matters of international taxation, opening and management of accounts in Russian and foreign banks, acquisition and inheritance of real estate and other property in different counties, family and labor law. Our lawyer safeguard the best interests of clients that trust us for many years.
  • Due diligence
    Thanks to diverse expertise of our professionals, the comprehensive legal review (due diligence) reaches all aspects of business of the target companies: from corporate matters, including corporate governance and management structure, to labor matters and relationships with the state authorities. Review of compliance of companies with the requirements of the anti-monopoly laws is always an important and mandatory element of due diligence.
  • Family & Probate
    Family and probate matters traditionally constitute a considerable part of our practice. L&P attorneys efficiently assist our clients in the resolutions of problems related to inheritance disputes, divorce, division of joint property of spouses, child custody, as well as appointment and recovery of alimony payments. We possess significant experience of peaceful resolution of marital disputes and drafting of prenuptial agreements defining the rights and status of personal property of the spouses. Our attorneys are experts on matters of adoption and surrogate parenthood.
  • International Trade
    Advice on matters of business with foreign partners, currency control, and international payments. Issues of international trade are becoming increasingly important because of constant toughening of the rules of conduct on international market, especially in the light of Russia’s joining the systems of global automatic exchange of financial information and introduction of complicated and more detailed provisions on controlled foreign organizations.
  • Banking & Finance
    L&P is best known in the business community, thanks to the successful banking and financial law practice. In 2007 the law firm of Linnikov & Partners was honored with the highest sign of recognition of the Russian banking community — the National Banking Prize for the best legal consulting in the banking sphere and outstanding professionalism. We have accumulated unique experience of providing legal support to the projects of licensing of financial institutions and obtaining authorizations of the financial markets authorities for M&A transactions with financial assets and performance of such transactions.
  • Transport & Transport Infrastructure
    L&P is a reliable legal advisor to the projects of construction and renovation of major transport infrastructures. We are proud to have some of Russia’s and Europe’s leading engineering and project companies among our clients. We have successfully completed several projects of legal support to the reconstruction of international airports in the regions of Russia, construction of significant roads and bridges, railroad and subway infrastructures. The founder of Linnikov& Partners has served on boards of directors of some of companies from the transport construction industry.
  • Taxation & Tax Planning
    The practice of tax and tax planning advice for companies and individual entrepreneurs involves development of tax-efficient business structures, reduction of tax risks, and defense in commercial and administrative proceeding against claims of the tax authorities.
  • Real Estate & Construction
    The construction law practice of Linnikov and Partners has developed rapidly during the period of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Several Russian and foreign major construction companies operating in different regions of Russia have become loyal L&P clients. Expertise and experience of our professionals embrace a multitude of legal aspects of construction: from land use, obtaining of construction permits and access to networks, negotiation and conclusion of construction contracts and contracts with sub-contractors and suppliers to the supervision of execution of contracts, legal audit of construction projects, and construction-related litigation and enforcement of judgments.
  • Intellectual Property
    L&P patent and trademark litigation practice is proud of many winning cases. Our attorneys efficiently fight to protect the rights of clients to means of individualization of products and services in commercial and criminal proceedings. On matters of registration of our clients’ rights to trademarks and other types of intellectual property Linnikov & Partners cooperates with the best patent attorneys of Russia.

Linnikov & Partners advises and represents Russian and foreign companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals, assuring to our clients the highest level of protection of their rights and lawful interest in Russia and beyond.

The prominent international directory Legal500 every year names Linnikov & Partners among the best law firms of Eastern Europe and recommends it in several practice areas.

Linnikov & Partners is particularly well known and respected in the business community for the successful practice in the fields of banking, finance, foreign currency control, international transactions and anti-trust regulations. Several of the leading Russian and international banking and financial conglomerates remain loyal clients of the firm for over a decade. In 2007 Linnikov & Partners received the highest sign of recognition of the Russian banking community — the National Banking Award for best legal advice in the banking sphere and outstanding professionalism.

One of the noticeable areas of the L&P practice is corporate due diligence. We have successfully carried out many complex and significant projects in different regions of Russia throughout a wide range of industries: banking, insurance and leasing, IT and software development, aviation, land and maritime transport, communications, oil processing and distribution, entertainment industry, real estate, construction, and transport construction, publishing.

The team of Linnikov & Partners has gained vast experience in representing of the rights and interests of creditors in the course of bankruptcy, including the bankruptcy of credit institutions, and subsequent insolvency proceedings in in commercial courts of many regions of the Russian Federation. In 2015 the lawyers of Linnikov & Partners achieved the recognition by the commercial court of one of the republics of the North Caucasus of the creditor’s claims for the total amount exceeding 2.5 billion rubles in course of a bankruptcy proceeding that turned to be one of the largest and most notorious in the entire region.