Team member
Alexander Linnikov
Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Сергей Садовой (Sergey Sadovoy)
Sergei Sadovoy
Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Team member
Leonid Karpov
Attorney-at-Law, Senior Associate
Татьяна Цепкина (Tatiana Tseokina)
Tatiana Tsepkina
Attorney-at-Law, Senior Associate
Team member
Dmitriy Smola
Senior Associate
Team member
Lilia Lavrova
Chief Accountant
Антон Минаков (Anton Minakov)
Anton Minakov
Attorney-at-Law, Associate
Константин Карев (Konstantin Karev)
Konstantin Karev

The L&P team is a compact and self-sufficient unit capable of standing up to any kind of a professional challenge, regardless of the level of difficulty and tightly limited timeframes. Our efficiency is based on the principle of complete reliability and maximum involvement of all team members into the achievement of professional objectives. By following these key principles, we assure to our clients the timely and consistent assistance and attention they require, regardless of tight project schedules and high level of professional stress.

Determination and will to advance professional expertise are qualities shared by all members of the L&P team. Members of the firm successfully combine practical work with academic research which. Our academic endeavors result in multiple publications, including books published abroad and authorship of fundamental textbooks.

We strongly believe that the comfortable environment of Linnikov & Partners, where people not only work but also willingly spend a part of their free time with colleagues, helps to discover and encourage the best professional talents and human qualities of each member of the team. The warm and friendly climate of the workplace is one of the reasons why over half of our professionals choose to work at Linnikov & Partners for over five years and confidently bind their future with the firm.