Alexander Linnikov and Diana Linnikova commended by the Chairman of the CEC of Russia

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Alexander Linnikov and Diana Linnikova are awarded with Commendations for participation and assistance in the organization of the Russian Educational Youth Forum «Seliger-2013» in accordance with the Decree of the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia Vladimir Churov of August 20, 2013.
Managing partner of the LEAD Consulting Law Firm Alexander Linnikov and Diana Linnikova are usual active participants of various charitable and educational projects aimed at the promotion of public welfare. In July, 2013 the Linnikovs provided substantial support to the staff of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation in the organization of the visit of the Chairman and other representatives of the CEC of Russia to the site of the Russian Educational Youth Forum «Seliger-2013» in the Tver Region.
On August 21, 2013 Alexander and Diana were personally invited by Mr. Churov to the plenary session of the CEC of Russia where they were presented with Commendations. The Chairman and Members of the CEC thanked the Linnkovs for assistance in a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere.
The LEAD Consulting Partner Alexander Linnikov believes that the Commendation the CEC of Russia to the Linnikov family rightfully belongs to the whole LEAD Consulting team that consistently supports significant civic and government educational and charitable initiatives.
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