Alexander Linnikov and Leonid Karpov attended the annual charitable function of the Attorneys’ Chamber of the Moscow Region

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On the picture left to right: Alexander Linnikov, Таmara Rumiantseva, Alexei Galoganov
The annual charitable exposition of amateur paintings «Faces of Beauty» was inaugurated on June 6, 2014 in the offices of the Attorneys’ Chamber of the Moscow Region (ACMR) by the ACMR President Alexei Galoganov and the ACMR Chief Administrator Tamara Rumiantseva – one of the founders of charitable movement among the members of the Moscow regional bar.
Substantial funds raised at the action were donated to the fund for the treatment of children suffering of cancer.
The team and partners of the LEAD Consulting Law Firm are deeply involved in the activities of the  Informal Charitable Club of Attorneys of the Moscow Region and actively support the Voice of the Heart project that aids children suffering of cancer. LEAD Consulting Partner Alexander Linnikov was awarded an honorary diploma of the Voice of the Heart for his active involvement in the project and devotion to the cause of helping children ridden by cancer.
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