Alexander Linnikov Elected Independent Director to the Boards of Directors of Leading Road Construction Companies of the Ural Region

On June 30, 2014 in the City of Perm the annual assemblies of shareholders of OJSC «Permdorstroy» and OJSC «Permavtodor» unanimously elected LEAD Consulting partner Alexander Linnikov to the Boards of Directors of both companies as an independent Director.
OJSC «Permdorstroy» is one of the largest road construction companies of the Urals Federal Circuit of Russia. The history of the company, spanning for almost half a century, begins with the Perm Road Construction Trust founded by the Ministry of Transport Construction of the USSR in 1969. Over many years of successful activity OJSC «Permdorstroy» has built over 3000 kilometers of highways, as well as airfields and roads for the oil extracting companies, thus greatly contributing to the advancement of the oil business, development of the resource potential of the leading industries of the Perm Region, and creation and growth of the transport infrastructure of the region.
In 2012 OJSC «Permdorstroy» and OJSC «Permavtodor» were absorbed by the UCON Group – a long-time valuable client of the LEAD Consulting Law Firm. The Group unites several big construction companies of the Kama Region specialized in construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure. In 2013 the UCON Group successfully completed the re-organization of the corporate governance and financial control systems that was planned and implemented with the assistance of the LEAD Consulting professionals. In 2014 the companies of the Group resumed stable growth and sustainable development.
According to the main shareholder of the UCON Group Valdimir Nelyubin and Director General of ZAO «UCON Group», involvement of high-class professionals in the management of the Group is one of the priorities in course of development of a modern, transparent, and efficient corporate governance system. Election of Alexander Linnikov –an experienced corporate and financial law expert – as an independent Director is a significant step on the path to assuring maximum transparency of business and improvement of quality of corporate governance in the companies of the UCON Group.
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