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On 26.05.2018 in Saint-Petersburg the classic cars rally Leningrad took place. The day was full of exciting adventures and colorful emotions. The leading crew of the Linnikov & Partners team, that confidently claimed the victory on initial stages of the race, had to pull out of the competition due to a mechanical failure. Alexander and Yuri Linnikov crossed the finish line with the crew of Kirill Antonov and Dmitri Alioshin. The experienced crew of Marat Yarullin and Elena Pol’kina, that on many occasions successfully raced for the L&P team, won the first place in the oldtimer category and came third in the absolute qualification aboard the Poveda-Sport, a unique automobile owned by the writer Ivan Paderin, a good friend of the Linnikov family. Congratulations to the Linnikov & Partners team on great sporting results and the triumph of friendship and mutual help!
You may watch the interview of Alexander and Yuri Linnikov to Channel Five by following the link:
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