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On 30.05.2018 Sergey Kloss and Anton Minakov attended the round table Investments and Development of Eurasian Markets: Opportunities and Perspectives hosted by the publishing house Commersant. The discussion was centered around the Turn to the East that the Russian business is forced to make due to sanctions and geopolitical tension. As an effort to help business people adjust to the new complex environment the International Financial Centre Astana was created in Kazakhstan. Guests of the event were made aware of its functions and features. It is intended that the Centre, that combines a stock exchange, an arbitration authority, and several other investment encouragement instruments, will become a connecting junction for investors from Central Asia, republics of the Trans-Caucasus, the EAEU, Middle Eastern states, territories of Western China, Mongolia and Europe. Opportunities offered by the new business platform inspired genuine interest among the participants of the conference. Guests of the event expressed a sincere hope for the further development of the Eurasian Economic Union as a solid basis for the reinforcement of international economic ties.
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