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On 22.01.2021, one of the district courts in Moscow considered a criminal case on charges of a native of the capital in illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. For committing such a crime, Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides for liability in the form of imprisonment for up to four years. However, the team of attorneys, led by Leonid Karpov, developed a procedural position that ensured the issuance of a fair and just verdict by the court, taking into account the real circumstances of the case. The accused, honored veteran of the Armed Forces, was sentenced to only one year of restriction of freedom, which is reflected in the prohibition to leave the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region and the obligation to appear once a month at a specialized state body that supervises the serving of the sentence.

It is important to note that the reason for initiating a criminal case against the principal of attorneys to Linnikov & Partners was superficial information obtained by law enforcement agencies in the course of studying the activity of alleged carriers of extremist beliefs in social networks. The criminal prosecution of a harmless collector of historical weapons was based solely on the monitoring data of the “weapon” forums on the Internet. In light of the above, we recommend that all citizens be vigilant and, if possible, limit or exclude the discussion of their hobbies and personal beliefs on public resources on the Internet.
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