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On 22.03.2018 and 23.03.2018 the Financial University hosts the International academic and methodological conference Education of the Future: New Personnel for the New Economy. During the plenary session of the conference the agreements on cooperation and academic exchange between the Financial University and he University of Turin were signed. The partnership between the leading educational and research institutions of Russia and Italy was made possible with the support of Linnikov & Partners. Rector of the Turin University Professor Gianmaria Ajani and professors Michele Rosboch and Giuseppe Valditara were invited to attend and speak at the conference by Alexander Linnikov.
During the conference a series of round tables and discussions took place. Head of L&P and associate professor of the Department of World Economy and World Finance of the Financial University Alexander Linnikov spoke on the priorities of higher education the  light of acceleration, digitalization, and globalization of world economy. Professor Giuseppe Valditara, who previously held the positions of head of the Board of Education of the Province of Milan and Senator of the Italian Republic (2001-2014), shared his view on the transformation of the contemporary migrational and educational processes in Europe in the context of digitalization of the global economy and  Revolution 4.0.
You may learn more about the events and results of the conference on the official web site of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation by following the link:
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