LEAD Consulting Law Firm successfully puts the start to the business of MMB Project Rus – the new Russian-Italian joint venture

On September 15, 2015 in Moscow the constituent documents of MMB Project Rus – a joint venture between Millenium Bank (ZAO) and MM Spa (Metropolitana Milanese) – were signed by the Parties. The LEAD Consulting Partner Alexander Linnikov and Senior Counsel Madina Ruzmetova drafted all the relevant legal documents and represented MM Spa in the process of creation of the joint venture.
On the Italian side the documents were signed by the President of MM Spa Davide Corittore, on the Russian side – by Mikhail Baidakov, President of the Millenium Bank (ZAO) and Advisor to the President of the OJSC “Russian Railroads”. The business of the joint venture will concentrate primarily on the planning and construction of modern inter-modular transport systems, including various types of transport and passenger transfer junctions.
Metropolitana Milanese (the company that operates the subway system of the City of Milan) has become the partner of the ambitious infrastructural project thanks to great expertise and experience in the planning and construction of transport infrastructure in major cities of Italy and worldwide. New transport infrastructure envisaged, planned, and implemented in Milan in course of preparation to EXPO 2015 – new subway lines, passenger transfer junctions, and roads – were complimented by the leading experts of the transport industry. The innovative technologies and solutions developed by MM Spa greatly contributed to the success of EXPO 2015 in Milan.
The joint venture will develop the potential of innovative technologies and unique experience of Metropolitana Milanese in Russia in the planning of modern transport systems and construction of advanced transport infrastructure. The partners of the joint venture have declared full readiness for the challenging projects and willingness to proceed to the practical implementation of the company’s plans.
LEAD Consulting Partner Alexander Linnikov was elected member of the Board of Directors of the new company by the decision of the Assembly of Shareholders of the joint venture.
You may review press-releases and articles in the Russian and foreign press on the joint venture between Millenium Bank (ZAO) and MM Spa (Metropolitana Milanese) by following the links:
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On the picture left to right: Gino Fiocchi, Madina Ruzmetova, Emiliana Maria Colombo, Alexander Linnikov, Davide Corittore, Stefano Cetti, Vladimir Davydov-Rumyantsev, Mikhail Baidakov, Sergei Zaytsev, Fabrizio Zucca.
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