Leonid Karpov successfully acted as official opponent at the meeting of the Dissertation Council of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University

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On January 27, 2016 Linnikov and Partners attorney Leonid Karpov first time appointed by the Kutafin Moscow State Law University Dissertation Council to act as official opponent. The Council highly remarked thesis of the graduate student of the EU law Department Igor Nikishin for the Degree of Candidate of Legal Science, specialty “International Law; European Law” on the theme “Legal regulation of police cooperation in the European Union” and accepted the award of the research degree title.
The first performance of Leonid Karpov as the official opponent has demonstrated his intimate scientific and practical knowledge, the validity of judgments and estimates, the accuracy and soundness of comments to the applicant and has greatly valued by colleagues and personally by the Head of the EU Law Department of the MSAL professor S.Y. Kashkin.
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