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On 27/02/2022 Alexander Linnikov took part in the emergency seminar of the European Institute for Export Compliance (EIFEC) on new economic sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation by the USA and the EU. The discussion moderated by the EIFEC president Carlo Giacoma attracted top-managers of over 50 major multinational corporations and banks connected to Russia by many years of productive business relationships. The core part of the seminar was dedicated to the discussion of specific solutions that would allow to protect sustainable economic ties and assure performance of international obligations and due processing of payments.


Under severe new restrictions the Linnikov & Partners team is committed to the protection of rights of our Russian and international clients, companies and individuals, while keeping close at heart the national interests and strategic goals of Russia on the international arena as undisputed priorities.


On the verge of introduction of new sanctions the L&P academic team in collaboration with the Spanish colleague Prof. José Luis Iriarte published the new article Current ways to protect to protect the rights and ensure the economic security of Russian individuals and legal entities in the context of international economic sanctions in the Scopus journal Finance: Theory and Practice. You may view the publication by following the link: https://financetp.fa.ru/jour/article/view/1511/927
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