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On 25.04.2018 at the platform of the press centre of the Interfax information agency attorneys Alexander Linnikov and Sergei Starovoitov will make a statement on the Oleg Korshunov case and share materials that bring into light the unlawful criminal persecution of the former Deputy Director of the FPS of Russia. The position of the defense is supported by hard proof: documents, facts, and findings of competent experts.
The ex-Deputy Director of the FPS of Russia Oleg Korshunov leads in the number and regularity of criminal indictments being issued against him: over the last half a year the Investigative Committee initiates a case per month on average. Korshunov and his defense are positive that the quantity of cases is a direct negative of quality of work of the Investigative Committee. In the way of evidence the investigation produces shaky testimony, assumptions, and fact manipulations.
On April 19, 2018 the Investigative Committee announced the opening of yet another case against Oleg Korshunov and his alleged accomplices – ex-Deputy Head of the Provisions Department of the FPS of Russia Svetlana Alekseeva and businesswomen Anna Ribitsksya and Marina Diukova. This time the charge is bribery. Of course, Korshunov’s attorneys have leaned about the new cases only from the press, which is not surprising because the investigators often neglect their duty to notify the defense and make sensational statements to the media instead.
The next case in line is based on the very same circumstances that motivated the alleged embezzlement case initiated in 2017.  So, at this time the IC investigates two identical cases against the same persons but with different Penal Code qualifications. Korshunov’s attorneys are absolutely sure that the new bribery case is a consequence of complete failure of the embezzlement investigation. Moreover, at the investigative confrontation with Korshunov Marina Diukova has clearly stated: I never gave any money to Oleg Korshunov.
One can imagine the frustration of Investigator Veniaminov who released Diukova from custody in exchange for a plea bargain and testimony against Korshunov. However, the deal has failed, so Diukova herself is now facing new, much heavier charges.
Including the very last one, so far, there are six criminal cases against Korshunov.  All charges stand, primarily, on the shaky testimony of entrepreneurs Diukova and Arutiunian unsupported by any actual proof. Diukova and Arutiunian were released from custody in exchange for testimony against Korshunov. In all probably, their perjury is motivated by the desire to be set free at any cost.
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