Round table of the Council of the Federation “Interaction of civil society institutions and bodies of the judicial community in the context of ensuring constitutional values”

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16.10.2019 the Attorney-at-Law of Linnikov & Partners Tatiana Tsepkina took part in the round table of the Committee of the Council of the Federation on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Interaction of Civil Society Institutions and Judicial Community Bodies in the Context of Ensuring Constitutional Values. Members of the judicial community, members of the Government of the Russian Federation, parliamentarians, as well as representatives of lawyers’ groups took part in the discussion of pressing issues of the judicial system and its interaction with the public. A special discussion among the participants was caused by the problem of the interaction of the Attorneys-at-Law community and in its person civil society and the court, about the frequent cases of obstruction of the attorneys from the side of the court. Alexander Linnikov, founder of Linnikov & Partners, earlier repeatedly drew attention to the factual lack of competition in the criminal process, as well as the formalization of criminal proceedings. You can find out more about the round table on the website of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of Russia:
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