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From 27 to 29 November, 2018 the Financial University under the Government of Russia successfully hosted its 5th annual International Forum  How to Break into the Top Ten of the Leading World Economies. The founder of  Linnikov & Partners  and Vice-Rector of the Financial University for International Cooperation Alexander Linnikov welcomed the international guests and coordinated several key events of the Forum. The Financial University welcomed 104 foreign guests from 32 different countries: scholars, professors, politicians, diplomats, business people, prominent public figures and representatives of the media. Outstanding European scholar and politician, ex-Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy Giulio Tremonti and the winner of the 2014  Nobel Prize  in economics Jean Tirol visited Moscow as guests of the  FinU. In association with the Departments of Political Science and Law and the Law Faculty of the Financial University Alexander Linnikov held the conference Stable and Efficient Legal and Political System as a Factor of Economic Growth featuring the leading Russian and European jurists and political scientists as speakers.
You may learn more about the 5th Financial University International Forum at the official web-site of the Financial University and social networks’ accounts of the FinU International Office:
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