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From 05.11.2018 to 08.11.2018 Alexander Linnikov made a business visit to Turin. The founder of L&P delivered his author’s course of lectures in Italian on the influence of Roman law on the evolution of the Russian legal system to students and professors of the Turin University. During the trip to the capital of Piedmont Alexander Linnikov held several productive meetings with the leaders of the business and academic community and visited the good friend of  Linnikov & Partners  — Rector of the Turin University Prof. Gianmaria Ajani. Many thanks to our friends and partners in Italy — Professors Giuseppe Valditara, Michele Rosboch, Dario Peirone and Enrico Sciandrello, as well as attorneys Moreno Martini and Amedeo Rosboch — for hospitality and productive cooperation in the academic and practical spheres.
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