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The XVII annual Conference of Attorneys of the Moscow Region took place at the Moscow EXPOCENTERE on 02.03.2018.  The conference was attended by the representatives of associations that unite the 5,745 legal professionals registered in the Registrar of Attorneys of the Moscow Region. Tatiana Tsepkina represented “Linnikov & Partners” at the conference.
The conference opened by the President of the Moscow Regional Chamber of Advocates (MRCA) Alexey Galoganov hosted representatives of the legislative and executive state authorities of Russia and the Moscow Region, as well as top officers of the law enforcement agencies, representatives of public associations of attorneys, and the media. The delegates of the conference approved the reports of the MRCA Council on the activities of the Chamber of Attorneys in 2017 and discussed several important matters of the legal profession, including the protection of rights of attorneys, compensation for public defense, pro bono work, and other. Specific attention was paid to the issues of involvement of the legal community in the development and discussion of legislative initiatives. Traditionally “Linnikov & Partners” is an active participant of the drafting and public discussion of bills aimed at the improvement of procedural laws and protection of the attorneys’ rights.
You may learn more about the decisions of the conference by following the link to the MRCA official web site: http://www.apmo.ru/?show=conferencing_solutions#XVII_conference
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