Sergei Sadovoy the team of Alexander Linnikov in 2001 at the very first stage of the firm’s development. Over the years of successful practice Sergei rightfully deserved fame and recognation in the professional community as an outstanding expert on the most complex and challenging issues of the Russian corporate law — legal discipline of financial institutions and anti-monopoly policy. Sergei is the undisputed leader of the L&P corporate, banking and finance practice.
Sergei’s professionalism, profound expertise, and unique balanced and laid-back business style have earned great respect of the Linnikov & Partners clients and colleagues in the legal profession. Clients assisted by Sergei are confident of strict adherence of their advisor to the Attorney’s Professional Code of Ethics, deep respect to the privileged nature of the attorney-client relationship, and confidential treatment and protection of sensitive data and commercial secrets.
Sergei Sadovoy is «the attorney without a necktie», meaning that his work consists not in litigation but in immaculate planning and execution of complex transactions and gradual passage through the procedures of administrative authorizations and approvals in such a way as to make our clients immune to risks of disputes and litigation in the future.
Of course, Sergei’s personal professional achievements are closely bound with the success of our firm as a team. In 2007 Linnikov & Partners was awarded the highest sign of recognition of the Russian banking community — the National Banking Prize for best legal consulting in the banking sphere and outstanding professionalism.
Sergei’s impeccable manners, wide-ranged interests and vast knowledge in different areas have become an intellectual beacon for the associates of the firm who strive to reach the level of competence set by their tough and experienced supervisor. Sergei is a master athlete who regularly wins swimming contests, a tireless traveler.

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