Alexei Sereda graduated magna cum laude from the Faculty of Law of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 2015.


Thanks to his active research work during the Postgraduate Studies, Alexei was awarded with the Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation and was invited to become a visiting researcher at Anglia Ruskin University, Faculty of Law in Cambridge, UK. This experience allowed Alexei to broaden his knowledge in the area of international and British law.


Alexei successfully passed the bar exam in 2022 and was admitted to Linnikov & Partners as an associate by unanimous vote of the Council of the Association.


Alexei in one of the Linnikov & Partners International Trade, Finance and Sanctions practice leading associates. Analytical mind-set, extensive research experience and ability to find creative solutions help Alexei to do a great job in protecting rights and lawful interests of Russian and international persons and companies from ungrounded application of restrictive measures.


Due to Alexei’s outstanding performance in establishing sustainable networking with colleagues from the UK, USA and more than 15 EU countries, the L&P sanctions team managed to unblock and return of funds and assets totalling to more than €200 million to their lawful owners – Russian and Belorussian citizens, companies and credit institutions.


Alexei successfully combines legal practice with teaching career at his alma mater and enjoys well-deserved recognition among his colleagues and students, who traditionally distinguish him as one of the best lecturers of the University. Alexei is also recognized as a talented legal scholar, being an author of more than 30 research papers published in peer-reviewed Russian and foreign journals. Moreover, during the last few years Alexei also acts as a Deputy Head of the International Relations Department of the Financial University, being in charge of the most challenging fields nowadays – collaboration with leading global universities and research centres.


By now, Alexei is finalizing his PhD thesis work on such a unique and topical research issue as Legal Regulation of the Digital Currency Turnover.


Alexei Sereda is a multi-time winner and runner-up of global and national mind games championships. In 2019 Alexei became the youngest participant of the Jubilee tournament of the Russian version of Jeopardy! TV show and won the First Brain-Ring World Championship.


Alexei Sereda is fluent in English.

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