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On 08/02/2024, the founder of L&P appeared on the program “DAY” on the “RBC” channel with a comment on international settlements using digital financial assets (CFA).


In many cases, Russian companies, importers, and exporters use various types of surrogate settlements, backed in part by precious metals already located abroad. We receive many requests regarding the justification of the legitimacy of such payment schemes and how to apply them correctly from the perspective of Russian and international compliance. I do not exclude that in the medium term, settlements using CFAs could indeed become an alternative to traditional settlements using interbank messaging systems. It is important that settlements between Russian companies and foreign counterparts should be conducted within a secure ‘perimeter,’ protected from the influence of financial authorities of so-called ‘unfriendly’ states. Of course, in this context, we cannot but welcome the initiative of our Parliament and the Central Bank of Russia aimed at organizing the practice and creating a regulatory system for such settlements,” said Alexander Linnikov.


You can watch the segment featuring Alexander Linnikov on the “RBC” website by following the link:
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