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On 04/05/2023 the principal attorney of L&P Alexander Linnikov and President of the Italian-Russian Trade Chamber (IRTC) Ferdinando Pelazzo signed the Cooperation Agreement designed to substantially reinforce cooperation between the Russian office of the GRIMALDI ALLIANCE and Italian companies and entrepreneurs – members of the IRTC.

The Italian-Soviet Trade Chamber was founded in 1964 upon initiative of Italian and Soviet foreign trade operators pursuant to the agreement reached in 1963 between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Alexei Kosygin and leaders of the Italian business community at the first post-WWII large-scale Soviet industrial fair in Genova. In 1964 the largest Italian companies Fiat, Snia, Mentecatini, Edison, Pirelli, Olivetti and Eni jointly with the Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the USSR and state enterprises Soyuznefteexport, Mashnimport, Techmashimport and Vneshtorgbank, as well as several other Soviet and Italian companies, signed the agreement on the establishment of the Chamber. The constitutional assembly of the Chamber consisted of the most prominent representatives of the Italian industrial and financial community, including attorney Gianni Agnelli, who was the person to sign the most important Soviet-Italian industrial cooperation agreement – the contract for the construction of the VAZ automobile factory in the city of Togliatti. Inauguration of the IRTC representative office in Moscow took in 1972 by the Chairman of the Italian Council of Ministers Giulio Andreotti. In 1992, the name of the institution changed to Italian-Russian Trade Chamber. In 1994 by the Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation between Italy and the Russian Federation the IRTC was officially recognized as an important institution, facilitating the extension of international trade and economic relationships, and has assumed the functions of the secretariat of the Italian-Russian Committee of Entrepreneurs for Business Cooperation under the Italian-Russian Council for Economic, Industrial and Financial Cooperation, along with the Foreign Trade Institute of Italy and the Russian Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

“In today’s difficult circumstances IRTC is a unique link between Russia and Italy that provides real support to economic, commercial, technological, legal, scientific and cultural cooperation between our countries, as well as creates the positive atmosphere of trust, necessary for the productive cooperation between the business people of Italy and Russia”, – says the founder of L&P Alexander Linnikov.

LINNIKOV & PARTNERS is one of Russia’s leading law firms that provides reliable legal support and protection of rights and lawful interests to its clients in Russia and internationally. L&P is of the key members of the global GRIMALDI ALLIANCE, present in over 50 countries of the world. Partner firms of the GRIMALDI ALLIANCE guarantee sustainable legal support and advice on the global scale to companies and entrepreneurs, operating in different states of the world.

“It is important to note that LINNIKOV AND PARTNERS a global association created on the basis of one of the leading Italian law firms – Grimaldi Studio Legale – and provides comprehensive legal support for the activities of companies and entrepreneurs aimed at preserving and developing business in Russia and the EAEU states, as well as provides effective representation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of individuals, regardless of their citizenship or citizenship. Combining professional resources, knowledge and competencies of the IRTC and the GRIMALDI ALLIANCE is of strategic importance for the preservation, maintenance and development of relations between Russia and Italy. The agreement between IRTC and LINNIKOV AND PARTNERS will allow for more effective cooperation and exchange of experience, jointly study and apply best practices for solving applied problems in the field of entrepreneurship and law in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Russian and Italian companies and entrepreneurs,”
says IRTC President Ferdinando Pelazzo.
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