In accordance with the Federal Law “On Attorneys and Attorney’s Activities in the Russia in the Russian Federation”, the Moscow Regional Bar Association Linnikov & Partners is a membership-based non-profit organization constituted and operating in compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law “On Attorneys and Attorney’s Activities in the Russia in the Russian Federation”, the Federal Law “On Non-profit Organizations”, other applicable laws and regulations and the Statute of the Association.

The attorney’s activity consists in the qualified legal assistance rendered by persons professionally qualified as attorneys under applicable legislation to individuals and legal entities for the purposes of protection of their rights and lawful interests and assuring them equal access to justice; the attorney’s activity is not an entrepreneurial (commercial) activity.
An attorney as an individual properly qualified under the law, granted with the attorney status and authorized to exercise the attorney’s activity, as well as property registered in the Registrar of Attorneys.

It is prohibited for the attorneys to enter into labor agreements as employees, with the only exception granted in respect academic and creative activities. It is also expressly prohibited to the attorneys to serve as government officials of the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation, local authorities and/or take other public offices of civil service. The attorneys are allowed to combine their professional activity with position of managers of attorney’s professional associations, as well as with elected positions with the Attorney’s Chambers of the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation, Russian and/or international professional associations of attorneys.

Under the Federal Law “On Non-profit Organizations”, such organizations are entities that to not have the generation of income as the primary objective of their activity and do not distribute generated profits between their members (stakeholders).

MRBA Linnikov & Partners is a membership-based non-profit professional association and therefore has no shareholders (beneficial owners).

The Assembly of members constitutes the superior management body of the Association. The standing managing authority of the Association is the Council — the collective executive body presided by the Chairman — chief executive officer of the Association.