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02/07/2024 Leonid Karpov took part in the General Assembly of the Association of Italian companies and entrepreneurs operating in Russia, GIM – UNIMPRESA, held with the support of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


GIM-Unimpresa, the Association of Italian entrepreneurs in Russia, is a non—profit partnership established in 1994 to support and protect the interests of Italian companies operating in the Russian Federation. The Association unites companies from all major sectors of the economy, including small, medium and large enterprises, as well as banks, companies providing various services and production sites.


During the round table, a discussion was held on the topic: “The future of the global economy in the light of modern geopolitical upheavals.” President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vladimir Platonov, President of GIM-Unimpresa Vittorio Torrembini, Program Director of the Valdai International Club and Scientific Director of the MGIMO European Institute Oleg Barabanov, Scientific Adviser and Head of the International Relations Department of LIMES Fabrizio Marotta, took part in the discussion of topical issues of the work of Italian companies in Russia under sanctions
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