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On 29/06/2022 Alexander Linnikov and Prof. Irina Abanina, one of the leading scientists of the Financial University under the Government of Russia, shared the findings of their recent academic research on practical means to promote growth and development of technological SMEs in the context of sanctions with the readers of Russia’s leading business periodical “Kommersant”.

According to the founder of Linnikov & Partners, over-dependence of Russian businesses on imported components is a very significant problem, aggravated by the decisions of many suppliers to suspend their operations with Russia. The Russian hi-tech market enters the phase of large-scale structural transformation, while national manufacturers are forced to use cheaper and more accessible substitute materials and components, which, of course, has a pronounced adverse effect on competitiveness of Russian products.

“Small and medium enterprises in particular are facing substantial modification of existing business models and a radical revision of economic relationships and production chains. At the same time new business opportunities emerge as existing companies and new players are stimulated to compete for newly vacant technological niches to satisfy the demand of the market”, — says Alexander Linnikov.

For over two decades the L&P team, reinforced by the international experience and multidimensional global expertise of the GRIMALDI ALLIANCE, stands on the frontlines of processes of transformation of the Russian economy and applies advanced achievements of the legal and economic science to define the best possible means and methods of legal protection of rights and interests of Russian and international clients — companies operating in hi-tech segments of industry and finance.

You may view the article by following the link to the official web-site of “Kommersant”: https://www.kommersant.ru/amp/5422744
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