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On 11-12/05/2024 in Almaty took place the II Open Asian Championship on the game “ZAKOVAT” – analog of the more famous intellectual game “What? Where? When?”. The tournament was attended by 42 teams from 13 countries, which revealed the winner in three game disciplines – “What? Where? When?”, “Brain-Ring” and “Jeopardy”.


The team of L&P attorney Alexey Sereda won silver medals in “Brain-Ring” in a hard-fought competition, having defeated several favorites, including the future champions in the discipline of “What? Where? When?”.


Despite the fact that the peak of popularity of ‘Brain-Ring’ fell on the years of my childhood, it is this intellectual game I like more than others, because it requires quick thinking and reaction, and the process itself is very dynamic and spectacular for the audience. In such conditions it is important to remain confident and not to give in to emotions – it is not only a great training for a professional lawyer, but also a good way to broaden your contacts thanks to such gatherings of intellectuals from different countries,” says Alexey Sereda.
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