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On 09/02/2023 founder of L&P and Chairman of the Board of Directors of RUSENERGOSBYT (RES) Alexander Linnikov and Director General of RES Mikhail Andronov attended the III Russian Financial Literacy Forum “Simply Capital” and took an active part in the strategic session Safe Energy as a Key Element of Industrial Development.


RUSENERGOSBYT is one of the leading electricity distributors of federal dimensions. The company enjoys the Guaranteeing Supplier status in 17 regions of Russia and provides stable supply of electric power to over 100 thousand customers: from giants of industry and transport infrastructure to SMEs and private households. At the Safe Energy as a Key Element of Industrial Development session, Mikhail Andronov shared his view on perspectives of transformation of the Russian energy market under current circumstances and spoke about development plans of RES for the upcoming years with a particular emphasis on digitalization of the electric energy distribution sector. The session was hosted by Alexander Ushakov – Senior Vice-President – Director of the Department for Financing of Industry, Energy Sector, Housing and Utilities of PROMSVYIAZBANK.
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