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On 21/05/2022 the Moscow Regional Chamber of Attorneys and the Federal Attorneys’ Chamber of Russia hosted the 8th annual lawyers’ tournament of the sporting version of the “What? Where? When?” intellectual game, dedicated to the Day of the Russian Law Community. The tournament featured 24 teams composed of attorneys and business people from several regions of Russia.

Alexander Linnikov and Alexei Sereda played for the debuting team of the “Public Commissioner for Protection of Rights of Entrepreneurs of the City of Moscow”. First, in course of an intense intellectual competition, the “Moscow Ombudsman Team” won its rightful place among the three leaders of the race, and then beat the team of the Yaroslavl Regional Attorneys’ chamber in the fierce “super blitz” round. The heated emotional atmosphere of the additional round made the “silver” prize of the game far more valuable than the “gold”. Alexander Linnikov and Alexei Sereda came up with the tie-braking correct answer.

Besides the official prizes, the Linnikov & Partners team won the informal title of Champions of the City of Moscow and the Moscow Region — all other teams from the grater Moscow area failed to reach top slots of the tournament table.

Prizes to the winners of the competition were awarded by the good friend and mentor of the founder of L&P — First Vice-President the Federal Attorneys’ Chamber of Russia and President of the Moscow Regional Chamber of Attorneys Prof. Alexei Galoganov.

The L&P team will not stop at its present accomplishment and plans to compete for the main prize of the next intellectual games’ season and ascend to the top of the intellectual Olympus of the Russian legal community in 2023.
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