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On 5-6 June, 2018, upon invitation of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Diana and Alexander Linnikov and Member of the Board of the Turin University Michele Rosboch took part in the IV International Livadian Forum, dedicated to the preservation, development, and advancement of the Russian language and Russian culture in the modern world.
Since 2006 Professor Rosboch presides over the Vasilij Grossman Study Centre (the Grossman Centre) — a unique institution committed to in-depth research and popularization of the creative heritage of one of the most brilliant Russian-language authors of the XX century – Vasilij Grossman (1905-1964), creator of the immortal novel Life and Destiny. The Grossmann Center is one of important cultural bridges between Russia and Europe that helps our friends abroad to learn about the best in the Soviet and Russian literature and social philosophy in the XX century. Alexander Linnikov — a great connoisseur and admirer of the great writer — was elected to the Scientific Board of the Grossmann Centre in 2018. Michele Rosboch e Alexander Linnikov acquainted the guests of the Yalta forum with the activities of the Grossman Centre and took part in the opening ceremony of the XII International Festival The Mighty Russian Word.
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