Leonid Karpov is one of the most talented Linnikov & Partners professionals deeply involved in several practice areas of the firm. Leonid is known for his ability to thoroughly research the most complex legal issues and successfully find solutions to the most intricate problems thanks to his hard work and persistence.


Graduation with honors from the Moscow State Law Academy put a good start to Leonid’s successful career that progressed to employment as an in-house counsel with several credit institutions of Moscow. Very soon the young attorney was noted by the management and promoted to the position of head of legal department of a small bank. Intense work as a head of a compact but crucially important unit enriched Leonid with invaluable experience in many different practice areas: from contract law and real estate transactions to complex issues of banking law and litigation in Russia and abroad.


In 2007 Leonid accepted the LEAD Consulting job offer and joined the litigation practice group at the time led by Partner Yuri Timokhov. Working with Mr. Timokhov, Leonid susstendly extended into experience and affirmed his reputation as an outstanding trial lawyer. Over several years of practice, Leonid consistently perfected professional skills and extended the sphere of his profound expertise. Today Leonid Karpov is one of the leaders of the Linnikov & Partners litigation practice, expert on matters of labor, housing, and family law, and a criminal attorney involved in some of the most complex economic crimes’ cases.


Leonid’s scientific legal research and analytical work produces remarkable results. He claims authorship to many articles in practical magazines and law reviews, as well as to a few chapters in several editions of the fundamental European Union law textbook. Leonid is certified by the Ministry of Justice of Russia as an expert on counter-corruption analysis of legislative initiatives. He is actively engaged in public activities and often takes part in projects of drafting and legal review of proposed laws and regulations of state authorities.


Leonid’s creative spirit also manifests itself outside of direct scope of his professional activity. Leonid is the architect and builder of his home. He is proud to perform many kinds of construction and engineering work around the house with his own hands, no professional help required. Leonid’s friends and colleagues praise him as a wonderful host, organizer of great house parties, and a passionate cook.

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