Lilia Lavrova was appointed Chief Accountant of the Linnikov & Partners in 2007. Through hard work and desire for professional excellence Lilia transformed a modest accounting division into a full-scale back office that efficiently manages the financial side of business of the firm.


Lilia is responsible for crucial financial aspects of the firm’s business, taxation, and maintaining of financial stability of the firm. Lilia exercises strict and consistent control over the discipline of fulfillment of the firm’s obligations to its suppliers and business partners. Lilia is also in charge of the personnel service, maintains the staff files and is involved in the process of selection of candidates in case there are openings on the Linnikov & Partners staff.


Lilia firmly and consistently upholds the highest professional and ethical standards of the firm. Her profound professional expertise and high ethical qualities are attested by the Certificate of a Professional Chief Accountant and full membership in the Russian Institute of Professional Accountants. The L&P partners respect and value Lilia’s ability to take a stand for her point of view, even in cases when it might differ from the opinions of the firm’s senior management. This always allows the partners to make properly justified and well-balanced decisions, consistent with the firm’s financial interests and priorities that are rigorously safeguarded by the Chief Accountant.


Lilia never hesitates to assist her colleagues with work on complex corporate project when her accounting, financial, and tax expertise is need. Lilia often acts on behalf of the firm in the capacity of an accounting, financial or tax expert providing reliable advice and protection of the best interests of the L&P clients.

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