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On 16/05/2022, the Panorama news program on the Belarus-1 channel featured the interview of Alexander Linnikov, in which he told the viewers about the impact of European sanctions on the economies of Russia and Belarus and covered the topic of the so-called sanction boomerang – the radical adverse effect of sanctions on the very states that introduce them.

The founder of Linnikov & Partners emphasized that impulsive actions of European politicians will soon substantially disturb the wellbeing of ordinary EU citizens and European companies, as much as to potentially cause the paralysis of certain businesses that are greatly dependent on materials and components traditionally supplied from Russia and Belarus, not to mention Russian energy resources that fuel most of the European industries.

Alexander Linnikov also expressed great appreciation for the work of his colleagues – Russian, Belorussian and European lawyers, who are loyal to the fundamental cause of the legal profession – the principle of supremacy of law – and do all in their power to overcome detrimental consequences of the sanctions regime for the economies of their countries.

You may view Alexander Linnikov’s full interview by following the link:
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