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On 04/04/2022 Alexander Linnikov, Tatiana Tsepkina and Leonid Karpov were appointed arbitrators of the Arbitration Centre under the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Its body of arbitrators consists of the most prominent members of the Russian legal community appointed by special decrees of the RUIE President after rigorous individual selection.


Arbitration Centre under the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs is one of the leading permanent arbitration institutions that possess special capacity to administrate commercial arbitration proceedings under the provisions of the Resolution of the Government of Russia of 27/04/2017 No. 798-P.


Alexander Linnikov comments on the appointment of leading L&P attorneys as arbitrators: “Our team has quite a bit of exciting experience of taking part in arbitration proceedings as arbitrators and representatives of the parties in Russia and in other countries. We believe that in our country the institute of commercial arbitration is underrated and insufficiently spread, despite several indisputable advantages over proceedings in state courts, such as, for instance, minimal timing of dispute resolution, independence, impartiality and high level of expertise of arbitrators, resolution of disputes in a single instance, confidentiality and cost efficiency of arbitration proceedings. Besides, in case of failure of voluntary execution of the arbitration award, the mandatory execution procedure comes into effect, which allows to immediately obtain a writ of execution from a competent state court and proceed to execution”.
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