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On 23 December, 2021 attorney Tatina Tespkina took part in the session of the Centre for Legislative Initiatives under the Public Commissioner for the Protection of Rights of Entrepreneurs in the City of Moscow. The session was also attended by the Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Oleg Leonov, officials of the General Supervisory Department of the City of Moscow, the Moscow Department of Competition policy, as well as leading members of the legal community and pro bono experts. Participants of the discussion concentrated on acute problems that small and medium business face while participating in public procurement procedures and ways to resolve these problems though improvement of applicable laws and regulations.

Problems of legal regulation of public procurement, such as, for example, absence of a uniform method of setting of the initial minimal price of the contract, cause artificial criminalization of entrepreneurial activity and alarming growth of the number of criminal cases, initiated on insufficient and biased grounds. Tatiana Tsepkina shared with the colleagues the unique experience accumulated by Linnikov & Partners as defense attorneys for business people and state officials accused of alleged economic crimes and abuse of power and expressed several specific measures for the improvement of business climate in our Nation’s Capital through modification of public procurement legislation.
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