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On 23/11/2022 the Working Group on Criminal Procedure of the Public Commissioner for the Protection of Rights of Entrepreneurs for the City of Moscow held its ordinary session. The event was attended for the representatives of the Moscow Inter-Regional Prosecutors’ Office, the Prosecutor’s Office of the City of Moscow, the General Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the City of Moscow and various members of the expert and legal community of Russia’s capital.  Members of the Working Group drew preliminary conclusions from the activities of the current year and discussed impressive results of work of the office of the Moscow Business Ombudsman for reinstatement of breached rights of the business people of Moscow and set goals and objectives for the upcoming year 2023.  The L&P team was represented by Leonid Karpov, who traditionally is one of the most active and valuable participants of expert work within the framework of the ecosystem of the Public Commissioner for the Protection of Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow.


«I believe that the November session was highly productive. Our discussion was centered around several initiative of great importance. For instance, ways of perfecting the instrument of collateral (art. 106 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Russia) for the purposes of putting forward motions to the court by the defense, the possibility of using independents guarantees as collateral, matters of procedural regulation of search (art. 182 CCP), as well as problems of justification of arrest of property of third person in course of criminal proceedings and lots of other things», – says Leonid Karpov.
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