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On 16/02/2024 Alexander Linnikov and Alexei Sereda took part in the 20th International Research-to-Practice Conference “Kovalyov Readings” in Ekaterinburg.


Since 2004 the annual “Kovalyov Readings” are considered one of the most significant research-to-practice forums of Russia and is an important international discussion platform in the field of law and legal studies. The event traditionally brings together senior state officials and prominent members of the academic, business, and professional communities, as well as renowned international experts. The “Kovalyov Readings” are organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, the Urals State Law University (USLU), and LOYS — a major law firm of Ekaterinburg.


L&P contributed to the forum by acting as an official partner of the 2024 jubilee conference, dedicated to the 70th anniversaries of the USLU Criminal Law Chair and the 100th anniversary of professor Mitrofan Kovalyov — an outstanding Russian legal scholar and one of the founders of the Urals school of criminal law.


At the section of the event dedicated to matters of legal security of the national economy under pressure from international sanctions, the founder of L&P spoke on strategies of efficient legal protection in the context of international sanctions. Alexander Linnikov shared with colleagues the unique experience of the LINNIKOV & PARTNERS team in the field of protection of rights of Russian and Belorussian companies, banks, and entrepreneurs in foreign jurisdictions and described several successful cases of “unfreezing” of assets of L&P clients blocked by the British, EU, and US financial institutions.


Alexander Linnikov, Alexei Sereda, and the L&P team are deeply grateful to LOYS and personally its partners Prof. Denis Puchkov and Konstantin Farberov, as well as the USLU Rector Prof. Vladimir Bublik for the opportunity to contribute to the “Kovalyov Readings”.


You may view a segment of Alexander Linnikov’s speech by clicking on the link: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8z6N/ZDTHHBMeW
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