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On 24.03.2018 Alexander Linnikov was elected as a member of the Scientific Board of the Vasilij Grossman Study Center – a unique institution dedicated to in-depth research and popularization of the creative heritage of one of the most brilliant Russian-language authors of the XX century – Vasilij Grossman (1905-1964), who has created the immortal novel Life and Destiny. Grossman fans around the world are convinced that his masterpiece is not inferior to Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace in force, expression, and artistic value. In 1961 all manuscripts of Life and Destiny were confiscated by the KGB. The author saw it as a catastrophe – the tragic end of his life’s work. Grossman insisted on seeing the member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR Mikhail Suslov, who told the writer that his novel wouldn’t be published in the Soviet Union for at least 200 – 300 years! Life belied Suslov’s words. In three decades the novel was published in the author’s Motherland, after having been first printed in the Russian language in 1980 in Lausanne. Since then the interest to work and personality of Vasilij Grossman – writer, journalist, and courageous WWII combat reporter – has never diminished in Russia and the world. Destiny placed the most prominent centre for the research of Grossman’s writings outside of Russia in Italy, where it functions under the aegis of the University of Turin. Founder of L&P and Professor of the Financial University Alexander Linnikov – a devoted fan and expert on works of the great writer – has accepted the invitation to join the Scientific Board of the Vasilij Grossman Study Center in Turin with pride and gratitude.
You may learn more about the activities of the the Vasilij Grossman Study Center by following the link to the institution’s official web site:
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