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On 23.03.2018 in continuation of the visit of the delegation of the Turin University to Moscow the member of the Council of the Federation Committee for Constitutional Legislation Alexander Bashkin and member of the Council for Cooperation with Civil Society Institutions under the Chairperson of Council of the Federation Alexander Linnikov met with the Rector of the Turin University Gianmaria Ajani and professors Valditara and Rosboch. The discussion concentrated on ways to broader cooperation between Italy and Russia, as well as individual regions of the Russian Federation, in the spheres of academic research, education, trade, and culture. Participants of the meeting agreed that, regardless of the temporary tension in the EU-Russian relations, the bilateral cooperation between the constructive public and political forces of Russia and Italy successfully continues and shows sustainable growth. The contacts between the people of good will of the two countries go through the channels of people’s diplomacy – by means of  parliamentary, business, cultural, and educational exchange.
You may learn more about the event from the official web site of the Council of the Federation  by following the link http://www.council.gov.ru/events/main_themes/90740/
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