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On 23.03.2018 Alexander Linnikov spoke at the round table Guarantees of Attorneys’ Rights: Social and Professional Aspects. The event organized by the Council of the Federation Committee on Constitutional Legislation was attended by the leading members of the law community, judges, representatives of the legal science, and top federal government officials.
In his speech Alexander Linnikov made several acute critical remarks on the current social and professional state of the Russian legal community. He particularly emphasized the problem of actual absence of competition and predetermined inequality of the parties in the criminal proceedings. Alexander also pointed out several other problems of systematic nature, the resolution of which is a mandatory precondition for development and reinstatement of the prestige of the legal profession as an important institution of the civic society and law-abiding state. The founder of L&P proposed a series of practical measures aimed at elimination of excessive formalities in the work of attorneys, resolution of communication difficulties between the attorneys and state authorities, as well as improvement of rules and regulations governing the attorneys’ professional activity.
You may learn more about the round table from the official web site of the Council of the Federation  by following the link
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