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On 4.11.2021 Alexander Linnikov spoke at the conference “Compliance – IV”, held in Medellin (Colombia) – one of the largest events of the legal community of Latin America. The topic of the discussion, which gathered more than 11 thousand people from all over the world, was the Fifth Industrial Revolution. Alexander Linnikov’s speech dealt with key trends and challenges for the development of compliance practices in Russian law. The audience was particularly interested in the application of international law in Russia, as well as forecasts on the development of the investment climate for international investors in the country.

“The conversation about compliance is not something new, it marks the current global agenda”, Alexander Linnikov notes. “The development of high technologies in the field of finance became a reality several decades ago, and the pandemic has only accelerated this process. That is why the term compliance is widely welcomed in the corporate governance of large Russian companies”.

Alexander Linnikov and the team of “Linnikov & Partners” express their gratitude to colleagues from the Colombian law firm Moncada Abogados and the Grimaldi Alliance for the opportunity to speak and exchange experience with international partners.

You can read more information about the event on the following web-page:
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