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On 21.10.2021, a new Public Reception of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of the city of Moscow on the protection of the rights of foreign entrepreneurs and investors opened in the Central Administrative District (the “CAD”) of Moscow. The reception was headed by Honorary Attorney of Russia, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of the Financial University Alexander Linnikov. The opening ceremony of the Public Reception in Moscow City was attended by representatives of the Moscow CAD Prefecture, heads of a number of key departments of the Moscow Government, foreign diplomats, prominent representatives of the international business and scientific community of Moscow. Welcoming the participants of the ceremony, Alexander Safonov, the Vice-Rector of the Financial University for Strategy and Work with Authorities, noted: “Alexander Linnikov and his team are firsthand familiar with the current agenda of foreign business in Russia and Moscow. We are confident that the professionalism of the Linnikov and Partners team, backed up by an impressive scientific base of the Financial University, will be the key to the successful work of the new Public Reception for the benefit of the diverse business community of the capital”.

As part of the opening ceremony, a productive exchange of views on the most pressing and pressing issues of Moscow business took place, and agreements were signed with five pro bono experts — leading attorneys-at-law and lawyers of Linnikov and Partners, who will advise and support foreign entrepreneurs applying to the Reception. “Success awaits us because Alexander Linnikov’s team has the strongest, most powerful expertise in the field of business law, and we will be able to reliably protect the rights and interests of foreign businessmen and investors investing in the development of the economy of our Capital”, says Tatiana Mineeva, the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of Moscow.
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