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In July, 2022 the Family & Probate Law practice team of LINNIKOV & PARTNERS put an end to several months of bitter confrontation between our client and her ex-partner over the matters of place of residence and freedom of movement of their minor child. The father, citizen of a “hostile” state to the Russian Federation, intended to block the movements of the child in such a way as to abridge the right of the L&P client to free travel and integrity of personal life. The client and her attorneys witnessed attempts at blackmail and received multiple threats.
“Regretfully, it is one of those fairly common cases, when one of the parents manipulates the child to hurt the other, without any regard to the interests of the child, its physical and mental health and general well-being. This particular case is complicated by the fact that the father of the child is a foreign national that repeatedly attempted to involve foreign diplomatic authorities and created artificial grounds for a dispute outside of Russia. However, we succeeded in protecting the interests of our client and her child and affirmed their right to enjoy the freedom of movement in compliance with the Russian law”, – says the head of the Family & Probate Law practice group Madina Ruzmetova.
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