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From 08/11/2023 to 10/11/2023 Moscow hosted the annual Innovative Financial Technologies Forum “FINOPOLIS” – one of the key business events, traditionally organized by the Bank of Russia in cooperation with the leading national banks and IT companies.  The forum brings together the representatives of the leading Russian and international companies and banks, state authorities, media and the academic community for the discussion of the most interesting and promising directions of development of financial technologies.  The main topic of FINIPOLIS-2023 was the discussion of perspectives and challenges of wide application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the financial sector and in the economy as a whole.


The founder of L&P and CEO of the NATIONAL PAYMENTS COUNCIL Alexander Linnikov and Member of the Board of Directors of NPC professor Alma Obaeva attended the forum and took part in the work of the specialized section Payments: Convergence of Needs and Technologies. For many years, NPC stands as one of the most stable and well-reputed associations of participants of the payments market.  It promotes implementation of the most advanced digital technologies in the Russian financial sector and works for the establishment of clear and fair legal discipline of the business of operators of the national payments system of Russia.  In its work, NPC greatly relies on the extensive expertise and experience of the L&P attorneys in the field of legal regulation of financial markets.
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