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14.01.2021 Alexander Linnikov, Leonid Karpov and Anton Minakov took part in the annual meeting of the Grimaldi Alliance partners, dedicated to discussing the results of the Alliance’s work in 2020 and plans for 2021. During the online forum, moderated by the Attorneys-at-aw Francesco Sciaudone and Michael Bray, all organizational issues of the Alliance’s activities were successfully resolved, as well as proposals from partners from different countries were reviewed. In particular, the proposals of the founder of Linnikov & Partners on the formation of a working group on international sanctions, the creation of a mechanism for organizing internships, practice and personnel exchange within the Alliance, as well as the development of software products necessary to increase the effectiveness of interaction between the partners of the Alliance were approved.
Since 2019, Linnikov & Partners has been a member of the Grimaldi Alliance – an international association of law firms that represents and protects rights and legitimate interests of our clients around the world. Today, Grimaldi Alliance includes law firms from over 40 countries. You can find out more about the Grimaldi Alliance on the official page:
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