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20/03/2024, the founder of LINNIKOV & PARTNERS attended the presentation of the third edition of the book by the Moscow Business Ombudsman Tatyana Mineeva “How to be friends with the state?” The Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow Tatyana Mineeva handed Alexander Linnikov a personal copy of the book, in which the entire team of L&P lawyers actively participated.


In the new edition of the book, Alexander Linnikov shared L&P’s rich experience in the field of legal protection of the interests of Russian business abroad in the context of international economic sanctions.


Due to the rapid change in the geopolitical situation and unprecedented sanctions pressure on Russian business abroad in the spring of 2022, we began to protect the rights of Russian entrepreneurs and investors abroad. Following the blocking of assets of large Russian companies and banks in Europe and the United States, thousands of payments, investment accounts and other assets of ordinary Russian and Belarusian entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies were frozen. For the first time in history, Russian business has faced difficulties of such magnitude, finding itself in a total economic blockade. Among the successes of our practice of “sanctions” law in 2022 and 2023, we can highlight: the only case in Russian practice won in the EU court of justice on the exclusion of a Russian senior official from the EU “sanctions” lists, the unblocking of assets of Russian and Belarusian investors placed in trust management accounts in European financial organizations totaling more than 100 millions of euros, unblocking hundreds of payments from Russian and Belarusian companies in American banks for a total amount exceeding 150 million US dollars, the formation of a unique experience in the shortest possible time of restructuring ownership structures and changing corporate governance structures of Russian companies and banks in order to minimize “sanctions” risks and a number of others. And choosing the right strategies to protect Russian business abroad in each specific case certainly helped us to be as involved as possible in the Ecosystem of the Commissioner,” says Alexander Linnikov in the third edition of the book “How to be friends with the state?”
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